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Cosmetic Surgeon Vernon Hills- Fat Graphting or Fat Transfer

As we age, our bodies quit exfoliating and building collagen.  Over time, we lose subcutaneous fat and the skin becomes noticeably thinner.  This pattern makes the skin appear hollow and tired.  Thinner patients tend to see more of this pattern. Fat grafting by Cosmetic Surgeon Vernon Hills is also coined fat transfer, micro-lipoinjection or autologous transfer.  Fat grafting has been water-cooler conversation quite some time and some say controversial.

Patients have options these days; temporary or permanent filler or fat grafting.  Fat grafting is a more natural method by cosmetic surgeon Vernon Hills IL to restore volume in the cheeks, temples folds and more.  Fat grafting has become increasingly popular to avoid unnatural circumstances of over-stretching the skin.  However, fat grafting can be combined with a facelift or other surgical procedures for advanced solutions for the best candidate.

Fat grafting is ideal for patients who do not want to lose overall weight, rather remove fat from a specific area to another.  A common fat transfer the cosmetic surgeon in Vernon Hills perform is from the abdominals to the backside – it’s a smooth even transfer with long-lasting results.  Extra fat can be implanted to the lips, the nasolabial folds (the folds from the corners of your mouth to your nose), the under eye areas, the cheeks and other parts of your face and body. It is minimally invasive and can help correct problems such as acne scars and restore a youthful look to an aging face.  

 Fat grafting is attractive to many people who do not want downtime but crave the sought out perfection, due to its simplicity and minimal recovery.  Most people have enough fat to qualify for this procedure with cosmetic surgeon in Vernon Hills IL.  Most fat grafting procedures are performed under local anesthesia for the site where the fat is harvested and regional anesthesia.

 One of the only cons of this procedure is that your body tends to absorb it at least to some degree. The amount of fat that is implanted and then absorbed by your body varies depending upon patient; we have seen mostly great results when transferring from body to body.  Much depends on factors including how the fat was removed, how it was concentrated and treated, how much was injected and where it was injected.  Obviously your own body’s ability to break down fat or metabolism is an uncontrollable factor.

A great candidate is healthy, no pre-existing conditions or diseases and open to all outcomes of the procedure with a Vernon Hills cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Grasseschi

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Cosmetic Surgeon Vernon Hills - Blepharoplasty

For over 30 years, Dr. Ritacca the cosmetic surgeon Vernon Hills has helped patients achieve the best vision possible through Lasik eye surgery, eye exams and prescribing glasses and contacts.  Furthermore, Dr. Ritacca enjoys when his patients exude with confidence and self-esteem from a simple cosmetic surgery like blepharoplasty.  There are several reasons why a potential patient may be unhappy with their eyes such as; aging, sun damage, smoking, and obesity can cause the eyelids to droop and sag as the supporting tissues deteriorate. Eyelids that droop or bulge can cause people to appear much older or fatigued than they actually are.

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure that the cosmetic surgeon Vernon Hills IL can perform which improves the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids by tightening muscles and tissue or removing excess fat and skin. This procedure takes years off someone’s face.  In our experience most patients by age 35, men and women feel that they need to refresh their look – appear rejuvenated.

The eyes being one of the first signs of aging tend to be a common topic for Vernon Hills Cosmetic Surgeon.  There are several surgical and non-surgical options to create a younger appearance such as; Botox to relax muscles around the eyes, dermal filler for tear troughs, skin tightening and surgery.  Blepharoplasty is now the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure after rhinoplasty. The popularity of this procedure reflects the importance of the eyes in perfecting overall appearance.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your eyes, you may want to consider blepharoplasty or perhaps a browlift, to improve your look safely and effectively.  The procedure is usually performed in an office with local anesthesia in as little as 45 minutes. Blepharoplasty can be combined with a browlift, facelift or other treatments to raise eyebrows and stimulate collagen for tighter skin.

After surgery, your eyes will be covered and medication will be prescribed to help ease the discomfort.  The first several days post your surgery from the Vernon Hills IL cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ritacca will provide you with a list of things NOT to do for desired results.  Stitches are removed about a week after surgery. Bruising and swelling will continue to decrease after stitches are removed. Sunglasses and protective sun block are required for several weeks.

There is a high satisfactory level at Ritacca Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center from a blepharoplasty.  When you seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon like the cosmetic surgeon in Vernon Hills that meets your needs and understand your expectations, blepharoplasty can be a very fulfilling surgery.

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